Deploying an Adapter to an EVM Target Chain

Adapter contracts are required to bring Allora network prices to a chain. Follow the instructions below to deploy the Adapter to a new EVM chain.

1. Set up the repo

  1. Git pull the the Allora Adapter repository.
  2. run yarn
  3. run forge build

If forge is not already installed, follow these directions to install foundryup and forge:

2. Set up the deploy script

The deploy script can be found under deploy/deploy.ts

Replace the ADMIN address with the desired admin for the new adapter.

3. Set up the .env file

Create a .env file in the root of the project with the following structure:

deploymentName=<chain name string>
chainId=<chain id unt>
rpcUrl=<rpc url>
privateKey=<private key hex without '0x'>
etherscanApiKey=<etherscan api key string>

4. Run the deployment

yarn deploy

You should see output indicating that each of three contracts are being deployed, and then verified on etherscan. Deployed addresses will be saved in /deploy/deployments/<deploymentName>.json. If a given contract is already deployed with that deployment name, it will be skipped. Delete the deployment record /deploy/deployments/<deploymentName>.json to deploy new contracts.